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Dead Rising 2 Cheats For PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Dead Rising 2 Cheats For PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One

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Dead Rising 2 – stick video game on PC PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – When a zombie outbreak hits Americas new capital of entertainment, Fortune City, it is every man and woman for themselves. But some adapt better than others to survival on Fortune Citys zombie infested strip. Spurned on by the paternal instinct to protect his daughter, Chuck Greene is one such man.

Dead Rising 2 builds on the combat system of Dead Rising where anything that could be picked up could be used as a weapon, by considerably increasing the number of items Chuck will find in Fortune Citys casinos, bars and shops. Just as in the original Chuck will be able to make use of items that range from traditional weapons like guns and swords to the more improvised such as roulette wheels, croupier sticks, wheelchairs and stuffed marlins. But Dead Rising 2 takes combat one stage further with a set of truly unique weapons including the paddle-saw (two chain-saws attached to either end of a canoe paddle) and the self-explanatory drill bucket.

Like millions of Americans Chuck is gripped by the TV sensation that is Terror is Reality. Hosted by the flamboyant Tyrone King and ably assisted by his two glamorous co-hosts, Terror is Reality pits ordinary members of the public against an arena full of zombies with a simple challenge kill more zombies than your opponents and stay alive with the winner collecting big money and the chance to come back and secure even greater prizes.

Like a modern day gladiatorial contest, those lucky enough to get a grandstand seat urge the contestants to spill more zombie blood, with over the top takedowns greeted by rapturous applause and the promise of slow motion replays on the arenas jumbotron. So, what is it that has forced Chuck to risk his life, is he trying to recapture the fame of his motocross days, does he have a reason to hate zombies, or is it simply the lure of big money?

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record ► Remastered (Xbox One) – Full Game Walkthrough 100% – No Commentary

✔ No Commentary, recorded with Elgato HD60 on Xbox One
✔ Full game: All Cases, all Scoops & Mutinies, The Facts & Overtime Mode (“Drugged Up” | “Team Player” | “Save the Girl” | “Save the Girl… Again” | “Technological Terror” | “True Colors” & “Save the Girl… Yet Again” achievements)
✔ Every survivor rescued and every psychopath defeated (also “Out With the Old” achievement)
✔ Level 1 to 50 (full health bar, inventory, skills etc. & “Hands of Doom” achievement)
✔ All 8 hidden Zombrex doses found
✔ Found every Combo Card obtainable in 72-Hour-Mode, including the hidden ones (“Card Collection” & “Card Archive” achievements)
✔ Sports Car, SUV and Chopper bought and unlocked, Fortune Park Ramster Ball unlocked
✔ All Security Keys and Boxes found and unlocked, all 20 Zombrex Posters found and spraypainted, Fortune Teller sold out, all 6 movies watched and many PP Challenge completed.
✔ All additional, obtainable special clothing found and unlocked.
✔ Additional achievements unlocked: “Prom Night” | “Elite Killer” | “No Zombies In The Vents” | “Cramped Quarters” | “Safety Check: Failed” | “Dominoes” | “We Have a Winner!” | ”Come On! Follow Me!” | “New Hotness” | “Maintaining The City” | “Party Time” | “Puking Rally” | “Frank West: Cross Dresser” | “Tiger Tamer” | “Purewal Memorial Cup” | “Alpha Vs. Omega”

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A Dead Rising 2 non-canon Frank West version. This is for sure my favorite Dead Rising game! Tougher than its canon version, but very enjoyable! Enjoy!

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Story: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, sees photojournalist and original hero of Dead Rising’s Willamette incident, Frank West take center stage as players experience a reimagining of the Fortune City outbreak. Forget what you know about Dead Rising 2,”Frank West is back in the game!” The new, “Off the Record” storyline means an all new Dead Rising 2 experience. Frank will face off against more twisted enemies, build more outrageous combo weapons, follow his own unique mission structure and explore brand new areas of Fortune City to get his biggest scoop yet. Frank’s come back means the return of his trusty camera, with players able to earn Prestige Points (PP) for specific photo opportunities that are graded against criteria such as horror, drama, erotica and brutality. In addition to the new scenario and gameplay enhancements, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record offers a suite of technical updates including load time optimizations, improved network performance and a host of system upgrades to deliver a more satisfying Dead Rising experience.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
Genre: Survival Horror, Beat ‘Em Up, Action-Adventure
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Vancouver

My Xbox gamertag: Shad0wx54x
My PlayStation gamertag: ToughGamingGuyYT

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Dead Rising 2 Fast 72,500 PP Boosting Every 5 Minutes

TEAMHEADKICK shows you how to max your levels fast, while doing a simple set of things right from the beginning of the game.
Here are the steps:
1. Restart the story and skip all the cutscenes
2. Leave the safe house and head towards ye olde toy box
3. When you arrive at ye olde toy box Pick up the Beach ball, Bag of marbles, and the Stick pony
4. Head to Roys Mart and kill the looters then recruit Denyce
5. Head back towards the safe house but make a stop at Astonishing Illusions, pick up Robot Teddy Bear
6. Return to the safe house, drop off Denyce, then Give all the toys you collected to Katey

Doing this entire process nets you 72,500 PP and it only takes about 5-7 Minutes. This is the fastest way to farm PP in the game. Enjoy!

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Dead Rising 2 glitch for infinite xp/pp