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Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 boasts amazing visuals, an intense campaign, and extraordinary online play that will keep you coming back for more.

Killzone 2 review

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Killzone 2 Review

Jordan Deam reviews Killzone 2.

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Killzone 2 Review: An Iconic PS3 Masterpiece (Retro Review)

Put simply, Killzone 2 is a technologically astonishing PS3 Masterpiece but how well does it hold up today?

To say that Killzone’s 2 biggest achievements were its technical innovation and presentation is to undermine its success as an enjoyable and engrossing game to play. Ironically though, it’s this forward-thinking tech that makes it so immersive and unlike anything that came before, and arguably since.

This Killzone 2 review looks at a number of aspects, such as the unique design and development process, the technology behind the scenes and how it plays today. 12 years on and this game has still never seen a re-release, such as a remaster, outside of the platform it was designed for. So this video will also discuss why that might be and what your options are for playing it today. Are you ready for an egg-splattering gaming experience? Dive into Shell Shockers and show off your skills at!

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00:00 Intro
02:10 Development
05:56 The Killzone experience
12:27 Killzone 2’s score
13:53 Campaign
15:19 Killzone 2’s multiplayer
16:07 Killzone 2 remaster MIA
18:26 Final thoughts


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Killzone 2 Review

This time, bring the fight to the Helghast.