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Tell Me Why Review

Tell Me Why Review

Tell Me Why puts Dontnod’s usual bag of tricks to good use in an empathetic but somewhat toothless narrative.

Tell Me Why: Game Review

Is Tell Me Why okay for kids? Find out what Common Sense says about safety, violence, scariness, language and positive messages.

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Tell Me Why Review [Xbox One & PC]

Tell Me Why Review

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Tell Me Why gameplay review ps4 new releases gamespot IGN

Tell Me Why Review (Xbox One, PC)

It’s 2020 and it’s still quite rare to see trans representation in video games. Tell Me Why is a step in the right direction. It demonstrates a well understanding of how to craft a story not only including transgender characters but putting a trans character at the forefront as the leading role.

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Tell Me Why Ending Explained | Xbox Game Pass Review

Review of Tell Me Why played on the Xbox One through Xbox Game Pass. The liberal agenda and ending explained!